December 2013

Cool, sexy and fun…farming?

Source: The Chronicle Herald

October 2013

NB Ripe for Organic Farmers

Source: Times and Transcript

Back to (Farm) School

Source: Modern Farmer

September 2013

The 2013 Organics Report

Source: The Globe and Mail

Young People Drawn to Farming for Income, Job Opportunities

Source: CBC

August 2013

How Farmers Are Saving Seeds and Building a Canadian Collection

Source: The Globe and Mail

January 2013

The NFU And The Nouveau Youth of Canadian Agriculture

Source: Young Agrarians

Financial Help for Start Up Farmers

Source: HeraldNet

November 2012

New Program Aims To Grow A Crop of New Farmers

Source: CBC

Canadians Way Ahead On Young Farmer Financing

Source: The Greenhorns Blog

Feeling Grateful Yet? Teenage Poultry Farmer Dishes Straight Talk

Source: The Denver Post

How Consolidated Agribusiness Harms the Organic Sector

Source: Civil Eats

Innovative Farm Opening in Brookvale, PE

Source: The Guardian

The Death of Farmbrain

Source: The Morning News

October 2012

Reflections on Common Roots Urban Farm’s First Season

Source: Halifax Media Co-op

A New Generation Weighs In On Beef

Source: This Magazine

Growing Up, Growing Food: A Teenage Farmer To Watch

Source: Grist

Unconventional Way to Put Your Education to Work ….Farming 2.o

Source: FarmStart/Career Buzz Radio Show

September 2012

After Graduating From College, It’s Time to Plow, Plant and Harvest

Source: New York Times

August 2012 

Farmer Knows Best: How Mentoring Programs Can Help the Next Generation of Farmers Land on Their Feet

Source: Civil Eats

New Initiative to Connect Aspiring Growers and Landowners

Source: Canadian Organic Growers

July 2012

Where Have Canada’s Young Farmers Gone?

Source: The Guelph Mercury/Farmstart

Young Farmers Waiting In The Wings

Source: The Telegram

Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local

Source: New York Times

June 2012

Farm Numbers Dip, but Organic Farms Up: Statistics Canada

Source: Western Producer

May 2012

A Holistic Management Approach Improves the Quality of Life for Beginner Women Farmers

Source: National Farmer Coalition

Growing a New Crop of Farmers

Source: Civil Eats

March 2012

Farm-Hack: DIY Farmer Collaboration 

Source: Civil Eats

With Agriculture At A Crossroads, Young Farmers Face Obstacles

Source: Daily Buzz

February 2012

The New Face of Farming

Source: Feel Good Food

December 2011

More Young People See Opportunity In Farming 

Source: MSNBC


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