This section archives recent and inspiring news related to the support and community of beginner farmers! 


December 2016

FCC Expands Support for New Farmers
Source: Farm Credit Canada


November 2016


June 2016

Rogersville group hopes to attract young farmers to the region with ‘land bank’
Source: CBC

After a Century In Decline, Black Farmers Are Back And On the Rise
Source: Yes Magazine

Dos and Donts of WWoofing
Source: Modern Farmer

May 2016

Meet 3 Young Women Farming In Nova Scotia
Source: Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia

April 2016

Millennial Farmers Fight An Uphill Battle. It’s Time To Support Them.
Source: Huffington Post

March 2016

Young Farmers Hoping To Grow In Labrador
Source: The Labradorian

December 2015

For Young Farmers, Big Questions Surface at National Gathering
Source: Civil Eats

Millennials Suit Up As Next Generation Farmers 
Source: TakePart

So You Want To Be A Farmer – First, Know This
Source: The National Young Farmers Coalition

November 2015

US Vows to Help Young Farmers, But Will It Be Enough? 
Source: Modern Farmer

Food Sovereignty: Indigenous Food, Land and Heritage
Source: Young Agrarians

The Fruits of Unpaid Labour
Source: Guts Canadian Feminist Magazine

August 2015

New Generation of Young Farmers Increasingly College Educated, but Indebted
Source: The Sacramento Bee

Millenials Dig Into Conscientious Food Production 
Source: Roaring Fork Lifestyle

July 2015

5 Tips for Yard Farmers From the Market Gardener
Source: Yard Farmers

Farming and Activism Takes Local Farmer Across The World
Source: Frontenac News

June 2015

“Lucky” Young Farmers
Source: Mother Earth News

Organic Pioneer Sees Hope for Movement’s Future
Source: National Geographic

Update – National New Farmer Coalition Survey Results
Source: New Farmer Coalition

Grow Your Own Way: Three Young Farmers Found Work They Love Simply By Asking For It
Source: The Overcast

Let’s Help Create More Farmers
Source: NY Times

March 2015

Land Prices Top of Mind for Next Generation Farmers

Consumers Want Organic, So Why Are Farmers Wary?
Source: The Western Producer

This Crop of Women Farmers Is Stepping Up To Sustain The Land 
Source: Civil Eats

January 2015

Reclaim the Fields
Source: Our Land Magazine

December 2014

Millions of Acres: Young Agrarians Needed

Source: The Greenhorns

Notes From Nova Scotia: Where Do Apprentices Go In The Winter?

Source: Young Agrarians

October 2014

Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Farmers

Source: Huffington Post

September 2014

So, You Want To Be A Farmer? 

Source: ModernFarmer

July 2014

The Organic Ordeal: Cultivating Without Chemicals Takes Practice

Source: The Chronicle Herald

New Farmers Cultivate A Greener Future

Source: America AlJazeera

Young Guelph Couple Takes on Challenge of Organic Farming

Source: Guelph Mercury

June 2014

Guess Who Wants to Be A Farmer? 

Source: Mother Nature Network

March 2014

Why Don’t Young Farmers Get Insured?

Source: Modern Farmer

Five Groups Working to Help Farmers Access Land

Source: Civil Eats

February 2014

The Seeds of a New Generation

Source: The NY Times

January 2014

The Elders of Organic Farming

Source: The NY Times

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